Trend Aperture & Radius Jig

Trend Aperture & Radius Jig

Product Features

  • External Radii of 50
  • 100 & 200mm
  • Engraved Lines for Internal Radius Curves
  • 45° End Cut
  • 26 & 35mm Cabinet Door Hinge Recess Facility

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For routing apertures and radii in worktops for sinks, hobs and curved cabinets. Use with 12.7mm cutter and 30mm guide bush. Product contents:Jig and 4 x ABS plastic pegs. Specifications:For radius curves at 40, 60, 80, 100, 150 and 250mm. For use with minimum 1600W, ½" capacity routers fitted with a 30mm guide bush and 12.7mm diameter x 50mm cut length cutter. Peg Holes for External Radius Curves. View more information.

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