Router POW162X 1020 Watt

Router POW162X 1020 Watt Router POW162X 1020 Watt Router POW162X 1020 Watt

Product Features

  • Power: 1020 Watt
  • Lehrlaufdrehzahl 11 500-34.000 U / min
  • 30 V / 50 Hz
  • Spindelgewinde 12 mm
  • Milling depth / stroke 40 mm

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1020 Watt Router with 12 x Fräsköpfen pow162

High Quality Router with all the possibilities for a professional Router. The perfect entry model for a fast, easy and precise Holzbearbeitung. to cut grooves, edge, holes, guides, etc.


secure operation thanks to large sized Führungsgriffe, for fatigue-free working end.

Safety on / off switch is integrated into the ergonomically and can be operated as easily

optimum precision, no Verwinden the base plate in the milling due to the large Führungssäulenklemmung

Zirkelspitze designed for accurate drawing and drafting Bogenfräsen

Transparent Absaugadapter for perfect dust extraction

Cutter Comfort Switch / detection with spindle lock mechanism ensures easy loosening and tightening the collet

holes for 6 inch Klemmbuchsen 0.31 (8 mm) (not included)

work afterwards required thanks to the quick and precise share of the milling depth with Nullfunktion and 0.71 / 2 Inch (18 mm) accurate Lock

material appropriate blade selection, with milling speed thanks to the smoothly adjustable Geschwindigkeitswahlschalter

easy to change the Adapterstangen by quickly loosen and firm tightening of the attacks that with only two screws

the running surfaces have a coated surface Schonschicht and preventing damage to the workpiece

12-Piece Router Bit Set

Technical data

Power: 1020 Watt

230 V / 50 Hz

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